A User Organisation for Irish researchers who use Synchrotron Radiation (SR) light source facilities, Free Electron Laser (FEL) light source facilities and Neutron and Muon beam facilities

  • Nanomaterials Processing Laboratory – McNally (DCU)

    Nanomaterials Processing Laboratory – McNally (DCU)

    Title of Research Group: Nanomaterials Processing Laboratory Principal Investigator: Prof. Patrick McNally Institution: Dublin City University. School: School of Electronic Engineering. Research: We are developing groundbreaking new in situ, nondestructive analysis techniques to measure the warpage of semiconductor die inside fully encapsulated advanced packaged chips running from standard ball grid array (BGA) packages through to nascent […]

  • Laser Plasma Group – Costello (DCU)

    Laser Plasma Group – Costello (DCU)

    Title of Research Group: Laser Plasma Group Principal Investigator: Prof John Costello, Prof Eugene Kennedy, Dr. Lampros Nikolopolus Dr. Jean-Paul Mosnier, Dr. Paddy Hayden Institution: Dublin City University School: School of Physical Sciences / NCPST Research: We use SR and FEL sources (mainly FEL) to elucidate the nature electron dynamics of small quantum systems under […]

  • WayforLight portal

    WayforLight portal

    Finding the right source and beamline for your experiment: WayforLight.eu is the new portal for all the European lightsources, listing all beamlines at the European SR and FEL facilities. Wayforlight.eu: “Choosing an EU SR/FEL beamline using WayforLight portal” WayforLight – The European Lightsources Single Entry Point: Standardised Proposal Format Applying for access to any of […]

  • Materials and Device Photochemistry Group – Evans (TCD)

    Materials and Device Photochemistry Group – Evans (TCD)

    Title of Research Group: Materials and Device Photochemistry Group Principal Investigator: Dr Rachel C. Evans Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Chemistry Research:   Our research investigates the structural and optoelectronic properties of solution-processable hybrid materials, which find application in solar energy conversion, optical sensing and light-emitting device technologies. Hybrid materials are composites consisting of two constituents, […]

  • Membrane Protein Structural Biology Group – Soulimane (UL)

    Membrane Protein Structural Biology Group – Soulimane (UL)

    Title of Research Group: Membrane Protein Structural Biology Group Principal Investigator: Prof. Tewfik Soulimane Institution: University of Limerick School: Chemical & Environmental Sciences/Materials & Surface Science Institute Research: X-ray crystallography of proteins is the gold standard method to obtain atomic resolution structures. For most proteins, the high flux coupled with low beam divergence and tunability […]

  • What is the ISUO?

    Irish Synchrotron Users Organisation A User Organisation for Irish researchers who use Synchrotron Radiation (SR) facilities, Free Electron Laser (FEL) facilities and Neutron sources.

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