There are 20 active research groupings with more than 25 academics across 6 HEIs whose groups participate regularly in experiments at SR, FEL and NB facilities. In total about 15 different SR facilities are used, 3 different FEL facilities are used; and 4 different neutron or muon beam facilities are used. In a snapshot of personnel of September 2014 there were approximately 100-110 researchers in these groups though not all of these would have been directly involved in the experiments at these facilities. In addition there are a number of theoretical research groups that closely work with these and other international groups in interpreting the results from SR/FEL/NB experiments.

Research Groups

Dublin City University


Title of Research Group: Laser Plasma Group Principal Investigator: Prof John Costello, Prof Eugene Kennedy, Dr. Lampros Nikolopolus Dr. Jean-Paul …
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Prof. Greg Hughes giving a presentation on semiconductor technology

Title of Research Group: Surface and Interface Research Laboratory Principal Investigator: Prof Greg Hughes, Dr. Rob O’Connor Institution: Dublin City …
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Topic: X-ray spectroscopy of two dimensional nanostructured materials Title of research group: Surfaces and Interfaces Laboratory. Principal Investigator: Tony Cafolla …
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Prof Patrick McNally

Title of Research Group: Nanomaterials Processing Laboratory Principal Investigator: Prof. Patrick McNally Institution: Dublin City University. School: School of Electronic …
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The National University of Ireland, Galway

Trinity College Dublin


Title of Research Group: Environmental Nanomineralogy group Principal Investigator: Dr. Juan Diego Rodriguez-Blanco Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Natural Sciences, Department of Geology Also: iCRAG funded investigator. Research: The main focus of my work is to study the mechanisms of crystallisation of minerals like carbonates, phosphates and sulphates at the nanoscale to understand biogeochemical element cycling and mineral-water …
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Picture in early 2015

Title of Research Group: Architecture and Synthesis of Integrated Nanostructures (ASIN) Principal Investigator: Prof. Georg S. Duesberg Institution: Trinity College Dublin (CRANN,AMBER) School: School of Chemistry Research: Our group specialises in the synthesis, characterisation and functionalisation of 2D layered materials such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides like MoS2, with the goal of incorporating these materials into various device architectures …
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Title of Research Group: Surface, Interface Physics and X-ray Spectroscopy Principal Investigator: Asst. Prof. Cormac McGuinness Institution: Trinity College Dublin. School: School of Physics. Research: The groups research interests include the magnetic behaviour of atomic width nanowires arrays capped with noble metals, the formation of extended molecular systems on surfaces through on-surface coupling reactions to form organic/graphene nanoribbons, the electronic …
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Catherine Rose

Title of Research Group: Earth History Research Group Principal Investigator: Dr. Catherine Rose Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Natural Sciences Research: My research involves pairing sedimentary stratigraphic data with a range of geochemical proxies to explore key Earth history events, such as large perturbations to the global carbon cycle and changes in climate. This work relies on making …
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Applied Physics Group

Title of Research Group: Applied Physics Research Group Principal Investigator: Prof. Igor V. Shvets Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Physics Research: The Applied Physics Research Group has a broad range of interests within the area of Materials Science, spanning the fundamental to the commercial. As part of this we study the bulk and surface electronic properties of a …
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Title of Research Group: Membrane Structural and Functional Biology Principal Investigator: Professor Martin Caffrey Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Biochemistry and Immunology Research: macromolecular X-ray crystallography, membrane lipids and proteins, membrane mimetics, robotics, structure-function relationships A healthy cell, and by extension a healthy organism, requires intact, selectively permeable membranes. Whist lipids are essential to membrane form and function, …
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Title of Research Group: Functional amorphous carbon materials group Principal Investigator: Paula E. Colavita Institution: Trinity College Dublin School:   Chemistry Research:   The aim of my work is that of improving our understanding of non-crystalline materials in order to translate such understanding into enhanced functionality and practical applications. Over the past years I have focused, in particular, on the chemistry …
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ISIS Annual Report

Title of Research Group: Materials and Device Photochemistry Group Principal Investigator: Dr Rachel C. Evans Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Chemistry Research:   Our research investigates the structural and optoelectronic properties of solution-processable hybrid materials, which find application in solar energy conversion, optical sensing and light-emitting device technologies. Hybrid materials are composites consisting of two constituents, typically one organic and one …
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Group picture July 2014

Title of Research Group: Magnetism and Spin Electronics Principal Investigator: Prof. J. M. D. Coey Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: CRANN/AMBER & School of Physics Research: The research of the group is focused on the growth and characterisation of new magnetic materials and their integration in demonstrator-like spin electronic devices. This includes structural, magnetic and transport properties of the materials, …
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Recent publication

Title of Research Group:  Actinide group Principal Investigator: Prof. Robert Baker Institution: Trinity College Dublin School: School of Chemistry Research: My group are interested in exploring the chemistry of the early actinides from a fundamental and applied point of view. We are interested in how U, Np and Am change over the long timescales represented in repositories. This is one …
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University College Cork

Mick Morris

Title of Research Group: Nanoscience and nanostructures group Principal Investigator: Prof. Michael Morris Dr Parvaneh Mokarian Institution: University College Cork …
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University College Dublin

Original Article

Title of Research Group: Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics Group Principal Investigator: Dr Emma Sokell Institution: University College Dublin School: Physics Research:   …
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University of Limerick


Title of Research Group: Aerospace Materials Engineering Principal Investigator: Dr. Jeremy Robinson Institution: University of Limerick School: School of Engineering, …
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Model of caa3-oxidase

Title of Research Group: Membrane Protein Structural Biology Group Principal Investigator: Prof. Tewfik Soulimane Institution: University of Limerick School: Chemical …
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Only the currently active experimental research groups are listed above. Other groups had been experimentally active before 2012. Several other theoretical groups collaborate with Irish or international scientists who routinely use these facilities.