Irish Activity at Synchrotron Radiation, Free Electron Laser and Neutron and Muon Sources


marker_cyan Irish Universities
marker_yellow Synchrotron Radiation sources marker_blue Free Electron Laser sources
marker_green Neutron sources marker_red Muon sources
line_red Irish use of EU Synchrotron Radiation sources line_green Irish use of North American Synchrotron Radiation sources
line_blue Irish use of Free Electron Laser facilities line_black Irish use of Neutron and Muon beam sources

In several instances SR, FEL and Neutron, Muon facilities are located on the same site. Thus markers for those sites and the links to them from Irish institutions may overlap. Differing groups in the same institution may use the same facility but often use differing beamlines within that facility.

Listing of facilities used – by university:

Listing of facilities used – by type:


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